Thursday, September 11, 2008

Title Of Liberty

Because we have small children we try to keep family home evening short in sweet. After our opening exercises we have a short lesson and activity. Tonight we told the story of Capt. Moroni and the Title Of Liberty.

I used the children's Book of Mormon with pictures to help tell the story. When we were finished we took a plain white flat sheet I purchased on clearance and let the boys finger paint their own Title Of Liberty.

It went really well and they were too excited to get their hands all grimy.

We used Crayola Finger paint because it washes out so nicely.

Note: By using a bigger sheet we were able to cover the entire dinning room table to ensure the boys didn't start painting on the table itself. Because they were already bathed for the night and in their pajamas we did put old t shirts on so they wouldn't soil their already clean Jammie's!!

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