Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bathroom Chores

As my children get older I realized the importance of them learning responsibility in the home. Perhaps if they were held more accountable for keeping it clean they would remember to pick up after themselves. (Theory yet to be determined if it helps) Nonetheless, I am bound and determined to teach my children what it means to clean. I have a friend that I look up to in so many ways as a mother. I explained to her that I couldn't wait for my boys to be old enough to begin chores....(at that time my son was 5)... She said... THEY SHOULD BEGIN NOW! So I went home and sure enough my oldest son is more than capable to clean an entire bathroom. We store Lysol wipes underneath the sink and every morning he is responsible for cleaning the bathroom (excluding scrubbing the tub which is done once a week). First he must pick up the bathroom (toothbrushes and toothpaste into drawers, towels hung up, and dirty clothes removed) Next he removes the rugs and shakes them. Third he vacuums the floor (I prefer vacuum to sweeping because it doesn't make dust fly). Then he cleans the sink and counters, making sure there isn't any toothpaste or soap scum. and Lastly the Toilet. Now, when I say toilet... He cleans the whole thing top to bottom. The base is just as important as the lid and seat. (And he removes the trash when he is complete)

By doing this every single day (excluding Sunday) the bathroom never gets very dirty and I'm never embarrassed to have company over to use the restroom. Also, because it is done daily it only takes him 15 min or so to do the whole thing.

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Raf and Kimmy said...

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