Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ironing... It's one of those love hate relationships I have. I love to iron, but never seem to find the perfect time to do it, so I hate when it doesn't get done until right before it's being worn.. which means Sunday clothes are usually ironed Sunday morning and other clothes are thrown into the dryer right before they are worn to give them the "fresh from the dryer look"....

My hope is that as my children get older and my children need less hands on baby time, my clothes will be ironed right from the dryer and put into the closet ready to be worn at a moments notice.

But my great grandmother (who was an AMAZING housekeeper) gave this hint to my mother (who is also an AMAZING housekeeper, and ironer i might add) who has given it to me (who is still striving to be an average housekeeper, lol).

HINT: The thicker the pad, the easier it is to iron, and the smoother your clothes become. When it's time to replace your iron pad instead of discarding the old one, put your new one over the old one. My gr grandmother probably had 7 or 8 pads over a lifetime on top of each other and her clothes always ironed out perfectly. Something you can also do is put an old towel underneath your existing pad to give it that extra batting.

Try it out.... IT WORKS!!

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